90 Day money back guarantee

Sonic Pest & Bird Control

Each device is environmentally friendly, safe to use & covered by a Money-Back Guarantee. Use any of these repellents by themselves or in combination with each other to safely keep pests away for good.

Bird-X Yard Gard

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Safely repel deer, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and other small animals. Covering up to 4,000 square feet, Yard Gard is the humane, Eco-friendly, and silent way to enjoy your yard while deterring unwanted animal visitors.

Bird-X Transonic Pro

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Sonic/ultrasonic repeller for bats, rats, mice and insects. Drive pests away using sounds they can't stand. The Transonic Pro is designed for indoor or protected outdoor use.

Bird-X Yard Gard Solar

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The Solar Yard Gard offers humane pest control powered by the sun. Inexpensive, effective, and no need to plug it in. Keep pest animals out of your yard without poisons or traps.

Bird Gard Pro

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Designed for smaller applications up to 1 acre. Features a built-in amplifier and speaker, and an included mounting bracket. The Pro unit comes pre-recorded in many different configuration options.

Bird Gard Pro Plus

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Bird Gard Pro Plus covers up to 3 acres. Scare birds away fast using customizable harassment and distress sounds. Fully programmable with interchangeable sound card and two included high-power speakers.

Propane Scare Cannons

For over 10 years Good Life has been the experts in pest control. Through testing and development, we hand pick the best available solutions so you can focus on what matters—record breaking harvests.

Our mechanical cannons feature Piezo ignitions, operating without flints or batteries. Gas valves are opened and closed manually as needed, and the blast volume ranges from 100-125 dB. Each propane cannon will protect 1-5 acres, depending on the shape and topography of your land.

Guardian G2 Propane Scare Cannon

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The mechanical G2 comes with an adjustable, telescoping barrel. This allows you to adjust your cannon's sound intensity from 80-120 decibels depending on your needs.

Guardian G2 Rotary Propane Scare Cannon

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The quality and durability of the standard G2 Cannon, along with a 5-ft. rotating tripod to expand your coverage area.

Automatic On/Off Timer for Guardian G2 Cannons

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The Automatic Timer can be used to start and stop your G2 Cannon at the required times. It's fully waterproof and battery-operated.

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