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Protect Your Home and Business

Scare away scavengers from damaging your crops, protect your yard from bird droppings and successfully run your business without the mess and noise caused by pests. Our commercial-grade solutions will effectively and humanely keep pests away from your orchard, lawn, patio, hatchery, golf course, warehouse, storefront, home and more.

Bird Gard Pro

This outdoor sonic bird repeller projects 8 different bird sounds and is the perfect device to protect home gardens, yards, storefronts, boats, or any other space where pest birds are an issue. Covers up to 1 acre.

Guardian G2 Propane Cannon

Quickly drive away pest birds and wildlife like deer, wild turkeys, crows and more. This powerful outdoor repeller allows you to easily protect large areas with a simple pressure-regulated sonic blast to frighten and disorient pest birds and wildlife. Covers up to 7-10 acres.