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Bird Gard Digital Technology

All Bird Gard bird control products feature solid-state microchip technology to faithfully reproduce actual distress calls and predator sounds digitally for crystal clear fidelity that does not degrade over time. Each bird control unit comes with 8 sounds matched to the birds causing your problems, including electronic harassment sounds you can mix with the bird sounds to provide increased effectiveness.

Units are fully programmable for delays between calls and day, night or 24-hour operation. The unique random modes create the illusion of several birds in distress throughout the protected area, and program settings are easily changed so birds don’t become accustomed to the sounds. Recordings of more than 100 of the most common nuisance birds are available.

Indoor or Outdoor Bird Proof Reliability

Bird Gard products are designed to operate indoors or out, and under the most extreme conditions of heat, humidity, cold and rain. Enclosures are weatherproof and durable. Each comes with necessary hardware for mounting on a pole or post.

Maintenance Free Bird Control

All Bird Gard products operate on either 110/240-volt current or 12-volt battery. Optional solar panels reduce or eliminate the need to periodically recharge the 12-volt batteries. The solid-state electronics never wear out. Simply spray the switches, sockets and speaker jacks with white lithium grease or silicon at the beginning and end of the season.

About Bird Gard

The founder of Bird Gard developed and refined a complete line of electronic pest and bird control products for industrial and residential use. Bird Gard was established with a focus on extensive research into safe and humane ways to repel nuisance pests while having minimal adverse effects on the environment. We are happy to take the time to discuss your specific bird problems, your operation and any challenges you may have.